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Lynch Construction LLC will provide you with quality roofing services. We will use our 22 years of experience to get your roofing needs completed efficiently. We will help you pick out which roofing type is a good match for your new construction or repair projects. We will also install chimneys, skylights and gutters to enhance your home. Once your roof is expertly installed, we will also ensure that it will last through the storms by providing certifications.

Roofing Repairs

Do you have a damaged roof? Call our experts at Lynch Construction LLC to help you quickly repair it. Once you set up a time for our team to come to inspect the damaged area, we will determine a solution and work with your insurance to install a fix.

Roofing Certifications

Are you a realtor who needs to have a roof certified? Look no further than Lynch Construction LLC. We have years of experience working with realtors to provide building and roofing certifications. If the roof does not pass inspection, we are able to offer a fix or renovation for the structure. Call us today to schedule a meeting.

Roof Cleaning

For all your roof cleaning needs, call our team at Lynch Construction LLC. We will remove any debris or snow you may have as well as haul it away. If your gutters are filled with leaves or dirt, we will clean them out and remove the debris. So, call us today to clean up your home.

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